meet casey


This is the part where I get to tell you a little bit more about myself!

My name is Casey, I've been working as a photographer for near on 9 years now! 7 of those years have been with my own business. I am a Mumma, I have 5 really cool little humans with my hubby David (who also helps me run Pure Mint).

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.....some would say a nerd even. I am still patiently awaiting my Hogwarts letter. I ticked off a major bucket list item this year when I went and spent two glorious days in The Magical World of Harry Potter, at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida! I can't wait to get back there, maybe the one in London this time with my little people!

As you may have gathered from all the Harry Potter talk, I'm an avid reader. One of my favourite things to do is curl up and immerse myself in a fabulous book!

I love food, my favourite is Thai!

I live in jeans.....I love them! I have way too many pairs, but I adore each pair individually!

I also am accustom to wearing converse sneakers a good 90% of the time! They are insanely comfortable and I love that I can wear whatever colour I'm in the mood for that particular day! My favs are my white ones though! So If your looking for me at the start of your session, I'll be the one in jeans and white con's!

Tea is my drink of choice.....I like to have a endless supply! Especially when I am head first into a big editing session! T2 is my happy place! I could spend hours in there just taste testing and smelling all the different teas! I don't think I own a matching tea cup! I like to have all different I can have ones that suit my mood! I have a range of Hogwarts themed mugs, I have a few that I love from the awesome T2, I have some from our trip to America and one that says #latenightedits that is my personal fav at the moment and the newest to my collection!

I love Summer.....any of the warmer months! I'm not a fan of Winter....the only good thing about Winter in my opinion is soup, ugg boots, cuddles and my Gryffindor snuggle!

I love music, I love the classics 80's and 90's....much to my children's disgust. They tell me my music of choice is too 'old fashion'. I also love Michael Bublé and Ed Sheeran! I loooove singing, but sound best when no one else is's not really a major skill of mine, but I love it all the same!

My love for photography started at a really young age. My Dad had many of his family members pass away when he was young, and I always loved looking over my Dad's old family photos. I recognised even then how precious they were to him.....they were the only things he had left of his parents, his brothers and sister. I love that about photography. That what I capture day to day are memories that will be loved and cherished in years to come! Treasured by people that aren't even born yet! Just like I treasure the images of my Grandparents that I never got to meet! It's incredibly humbling and a tremendous honour! My style has developed a lot over the last 12 months! I have a love for lifestyle photography. It speaks to me.....being able to capture a moment of 'real' is what excites me about photography. I think there is so much beauty in capturing moments that may go unnoticed to others. I also love being I love being able to create something out of the norm every now and then!

If you've read this far, you'll also recognise that I am quite the talented apparently runs in the family! In our family we call it the Ambler gene! (Ambler is my maiden name - my dad is well equiped when it comes to conversations as well!) Thank you for taking the time to look over my photography and also learning a little bit more about me! If you are interested in having me capture some memories for your family please click on the 'Contact' tab and leave me your details!

Well, that's me in a nutshell! I'm going to leave you now, with one of my FAVOURITE quotes about photography.....

"While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see." ~ Dorothea Lange

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